Tattler March 2018

Welcome to the March meeting of Thameside Quilters,

It was great to see so many members return after the Christmas break. We also had a few visitors who we hope had a great evening. Hopefully they are with us again tonight, some have now become members. Visitors are admitted free for their first meeting so do encourage friends to come along. We received some lovely positive comments from members and visitors regarding the new venue and how friendly the group is. This month the group is advertised in Shepperton Village Matters. Shirley wrote a lovely article for us so please take a look.

Next month is our Silent Auction.  This is where you can grab yourself some amazing items so please make sure you bring your purse. For those unsure how the Silent Auction works here are the instructions. You place your unwanted items on the table and make sure it has a signup sheet with your item’s description and name on the top, and then browse the other items placing your name and bid on the signup sheet of the item you would like. Bids are in 50p increments, keep biding on the items you would like until time is called and if you are the highest bid the item is yours.

Membership renewal for 2018 is £30, please see Alex. 

The signup sheets for workshops and UFO days are also available, please see Isabel.

Have a great evening

The Committee


A Lovely Present

Thanks to everyone who donated/bought at the sales table in February.  I am pleased to say we made £50.81 – and I hope you all took home a bargain!

One item which remained unsold was a lovely embroidery frame – complete with pattern and wool.  I’m thinking maybe a present for yourself to use in those quiet moments when you don’t want to quilt (?) or stop the cat from getting on your knee!  Perhaps there is someone you know in your family or a friend who would like a chance to get started on a new hobby….  We had to send it home with a volunteer as Kate couldn’t get it in her sports car with all the other bits and bags but we are sure it will be back for sale this month!

It was great to see everyone and catch up with information exchange (never gossip) – the atmosphere in the new centre was warm and welcoming, just right for our quilt group.



Baby Basics

I was invited, together with a friend (who knits loads of baby clothes!) to a soup lunch on 3 March held at Sunbury Methodist Church. The MP for Twickenham, Vince Cable, was there and expressed his thanks for the work done by this much needed group. He also spoke about the sister group, The Extra Mile, which supports families with children up to 5 years. This is based at Hampton Methodist Church and the requests for help come from health professionals, social workers etc. They take donated goods such as cots, high chairs and pushchairs as well as clothing and toys in good condition.

If any members know anyone who has items to donate, please let me know. I will be happy to collect and can deliver to the collection point.



UFO Day 17th February

Sadly only four of us managed to get to the UFO day but we had a most enjoyable time. It is amazing how much you can get done without interruption. It is also a useful opportunity to work on something you may be having a problem with and have the chance to consult with others to get suggestions..... always plenty of those! .....and help. Many years ago I had a manager in my department who always promoted discussion, "two heads are better than one even if they are only sheep"!

We used to laugh and make appropriate sheep noises but it is very true, and often the most useful suggestions can come from those with less experience.

My husband used to say that those who worked closer to the coal face had the best ideas!

Hope more of you will sign up for the next UFO day on 21 July.